Thursday, 23 February 2012


What a lame title. For months after having a mental breakdown for not having any idea to write in my own blog, I created a new blog. It is not my idea and it is not on my own free will. There is one special force that lies behind the making of this new blog.
HAHA. It is not the special force from Star Wars of course. Let’s just get to the point. This is my assignment and I am not sure whether to use English or Malay or maybe both but I don’t think I can use both and since I am a TESL student, of course I have to use English laa. That’s what my sister would say. Typical her.
We are supposed to write something that we learned in Telecommunication and Networking classes and what we get and what we can implement and apply from it. Ya, I know the name of the subject is long enough, it can make your tongue twist everytime you want to tell other people that you are taking Telecommunication and Networking.
Okay, I think I am done already. This is not my first official post for my assignment. This is just a lame introduction. 

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